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FGS Arms is a dealer for all major silencer manufacturers.

Buying a NFA Class III firearm is not difficult. We are here to assist you with every step of the way including paperwork, fingerprints, and e-form submission.

What are the process to purchase a NFA / Class III item from FGS Arms?

  • Kentucky resident – NFA law prohibits sale of a controlled item across state lines. Out-of-state residents must go through their own dealer (just like buying a handgun) however we can assist Ohio and West Virginia residents with a referral to our partners.
  • Determine if filing as individual or a NFA trust – we can help explain the pro/con of both
  • Purchase the silencer, short barreled rifle, short barreled shotgun, machine gun, or any other weapon
  • Register for ATF E-Forms website
  • Digitally sign your ATF E-Form once completed and submit fingerprints along with $200 tax paid to the ATF
  • Wait for approval

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