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We use a fiber laser to ensure that your marking completely satisfies ATF’s specifications, 28 CFR § 478.92. Ensure when ordering to specify whether your item is going to be refinished (Cerakote, GunKote, etc.) so that the mark will still be compliant after the additional layers are added.

Both polymer and metal guns are able to be marked although polymer does have the risk of “mushrooming” due to heat. It is best to have a serial number marked on metal like most manufacturers are using a metal insert for identification purposes similar to Glock or FN.

Firearm Disassembly:

Our laser is fully enclosed so there is a limitation of what will fit inside. AR lowers can leave the buffer tube attached. Larger items should be disassembled prior to drop-off or shipping. If you send a completed rifle and we have to dissemble it in order to engrave, a minimum $50 shop charge will be added to your total.


  • AR lowers (6061/7075):
    • $30 first item, $15 each additional
  • Steel frames (any magnetic metals):
    • Starting at $50, each additional 50% off
  • Polymer frames (Glock, PS90, etc.)
    • Starting at $75, each additional 50% off
  • Form 1 Silencers:
    • $35 first item, $20 each additional

“Additional” items are of the exact same model receiver and engraving.


  • Customer is responsible for shipping charges both ways but we get very reasonable UPS rates and can provide a shipping label as part of your ordering process.

We do not engrave completed 80% lowers (also known as a Personally Made Firearm / PMF). All items must already be a serialized firearm (except Form 1 Silencers)

NFA Engraving Fonts: